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On November 15 to 17, Hyderabad hosted the largest International Conference & Expo on Geology and Geospatial Technologies. The platform gathered people and technology from all over the world to solve the challenges of smart city development. The GeoSmart exhibition area stretched across more than 1,600 square meters, with more than 2.5 thousand participants.

“The trip to India allowed us to test if our product is in demand among potential users, identify their pain points and needs in order to offer a product with highest possible value in the future. Except for the expo part of the event, there was a series of speeches. Experts shared their experience, India’s current challenges and industry priorities”, shared his opinion Andrey Cherednikov, product manager.

Alexei Dudarev and colleagues from India

India is experiencing a real economic boom — experts turn their attention to 10 percent GDP increase in this region just this year. There is an ongoing urbanization here, which means possibilities opening up for Geometa.

GeoSmart exhibition is not just about sharing GIS expertise and demoing Geometa capabilities, but also about probing the market for other worthy IT solutions.

Company’s CEO Alexey Dudarev shared his impressions about the exhibition: “The participants are very experienced, and the authorities are deeply involved, so the bar is set high. Сompanies’ reps, sales managers, the scientific community are well-versed in the subject area, they focus on global trends and how technology can systematically help the economy”.

Alexei Dudarev

All exhibitions were practically oriented. We wondered at how the presented products solve one specific or several tasks of the city management, most often the management of water resources. Drones in India collect huge amounts of data, but the tools for processing this data aren’t highly available in the industry.

The Geometa team has 15 years of experience in data processing and developing integrated solutions for city management that will be in demand in this region. Alexey Dudarev shared with us company’s next steps: “What lies ahead of us are negotiations with potential partners, checking if their reputation is genuine and working out the business side of potential projects”.

The New Year’s resolution for the Geometa team would be more trips and territories, as well as new modules and application use cases.

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