Interact with utilities companies

Urban environment quality assessment

Automatic calculation and visualization of indicators of the urban environment quality index on the map, clearly revealing the essence of each indicator. Determine which changes in the city will contribute to the index improvement.

The tool is designed to assess the quality of the urban hardware and the conditions for its formation. Recommendations for improving the environment can be generated based on the assessment results.

Register property in the USRRP

Verification of city planning documentation data

The city planning documentation validator module automates the analysis of imported data and provides information quality control. Using the module allows you to quickly and efficiently maintain the relevance of city planning documentation.

Module is implemented as a web application with core functionality of checking imported data for compliance with the specified requirements for city planning documentation and topological rules. The results of the validation are summarized in a downloadable report.

Topographical maps and utility line diagram

Control city planning

Information models of construction projects

Automation of area planning documentation management

The module allows quick updates of the territory planning documentation when changes are made to it.

All-in-one map of territory planning and demarcation designs at your disposal, always up-to-date, facilitating optimized decision-making in urban planning and reducing the time it takes to provide state and municipal public services.

Automation of maintaining the Standards of Land Use and Development

Feel free to introduce changes to the land use code yourself with no input from design organizations as our handy analytical tools can effectively deliver same top-level results. Furthermore, the tools will help you look for bugs in projects submitted by outsourced developers.

Consider the advantages brought forth by the automated land use code manager module. Land use code changes made by the appropriate local government officials are now guaranteed to be submitted directly to your system. Following workflows are now easy and in some part automated:

On top of that, the module visualizes how all the urban territories are affected by the city planning regulations.

Interaction with the unified state register of real property

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