Benefit #1

Customize the platform without programming

  • Create new data models yourself in the graphical interface
  • Automate business processes or develop multi-user applications without changing the code
  • Your unique configuration remains compatible with all updates
Benefit #2

Create data queries in the visual builder

  • Enable more people to build complex database queries
  • Combine tables and layers in a query — SQL will be generated automatically
  • Use spatial relationships in conditions

In the photo: provision of residents with places in kindergartens

Benefit #3

Work with spatial data
at high speed

  • 0.34 seconds to load a map of a million-plus city:
  • 1 000 000 objects in a layer
  • 500+ layers
  • 400 users on the web

×50 regularly updated layers compared to other popular platforms

Benefit #4

View historical data

  • Access the state of an object for the last few minutes or many years
  • Watch how the territory has been changing in space and time
  • Evaluate the earlier decisions

In the photo: readiness of construction projects from 2010 to 2021

Benefit #5

…and simulate future scenarios

Using devouring algorithms, you can simulate various scenarios for the future development of the territory and decide where it is optimal to establish a park or build a kindergarten.

In the photo: the model of accessibility of parks for residents of the district

We love to understand your city’s challenges

We’re with you all the way. We’ll assist you to get the most out of Geometa with a support approach.

  • Consultancy Services

    Leverage our expertise and in-depth knowledge.

    GIS experts, analysts, developers provide a range of consulting services, from technical advice, business analysis to high-level city development strategies.

  • Technical Support

    Our support team is geared up to be at your service.

    We ensure the smooth operation of the system, help with the installation of updates, carry out work to change the system in accordance with the new tasks of your business.

  • User Training

    Working with Geometa is simple and straightforward.

    We provide access to our own educational portal. Users can study online at a convenient time with the supervision of a curator and practice on real cases.

We offer solutions for various industries

Our team has developed dozens of solutions ready for implementation that are in demand in any city and easily adaptable to the specifics and legislation of other countries.

Urban planning

Geometa helps urban planning professionals determine how, where, and when their designs can have the greatest impact to improve the quality of life.

Real Estate

Collecting data and gaining market insights, investments evaluation, appraisals, calculation of the market price, identifying dozens of location factors.

Emergency management

Mapping risk areas, understanding the best and worst-case scenarios, the available and required resources will lead to successful risk and disaster management.

Public health

Mapping cases of a disease, defining origination points or high-risk areas, conducting disease awareness-raising campaigns.


Tracking pipelines, managing grids, locating cable and wireless networks, and exchanging information required for construction planning.

Social studies

The use of Geometa in humanities research and social science helps to examine demographic patterns, population distribution, and social landscape.

Interested In How Geometa Can
Help Your City?

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