Geometa at the #GISOGD2022 conference

Geometa at a Major Conference for Urban Planners

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From September 29th to October 2nd a major conference gathered urban planners of Russia. Titled «Digital transformation and development management of territories», the event attracted 280 participants from 70 regions of Russia.

Among the guests were leaders of the urban planning and architecture industry, some of them representating the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media, regional and municipal administrations, GIS development companies and others.

The visitors of Major Conference for Urban Planners

Geometa software was presented in a speech and during the exhibition of advanced solutions for improving the Urban Planning industry.

The exhibition is not the first to have a booth with our brand. This year we visited Smart City Expo LATAM in Mexico and GITEX Global in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

At the exhibition held in Russia, we presented our digital ecosystem for the development and management of GIS solutions.

Exhibition booth of the company featured a map of Russia, implying that Geometa is largely implemented there, with number of partner regions up to 41 already and a track record of 200 successful projects implementations in 15 years.

Geometa's stand at the Advanced GISOGD Solutions Exhibition

The Geometa team thinks of the conference as an opportunity to meet customers, discuss projects and collect feedback.

Over the four days of the conference, we have demonstrated the capabilities of our system. Like on the opening day of the exhibition, when our booth was visited by the Deputy Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation, Konstantin Mikhailik, to whom we demoed several Geometa modules: Data Quality Dashboard, Urban Analytics and Undeveloped Territory Analysis.

For us, the meaning of such events is not so much as an opportunity to show ourselves, but to search for points of growth and development of our product through the exchange of experience with colleagues and partners from other regions and countries.

Sharing experience with colleagues

In general, the conference and the exhibition left only pleasant emotions from meeting people and being around like-minded people who care about GIS development.

For the information about the modules and capabilities of Geometa please read the “Solutions” section.

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