Empowering Digital Transformation in the Mining and Metallurgical Industry

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Geometa’s dedicated team recently showcased our expertise at the prestigious International Metallurgical Summit «Digitalisation.» This summit serves as a specialized platform for IT professionals within the mining and metallurgical industry, where the primary objective is to identify and integrate digital technologies into the global mining and metallurgy markets. Our participation was marked by a commitment to promoting Geometa and our digitalization prowess, as well as gaining valuable insights into the challenges and needs of this industry.

We demonstrated the capabilities of our Geometa platform helping to address the digital demands of the mining and metallurgical industry:

  • Spatial Analysis with Geodata: Geometa excels in working with geospatial data, enabling powerful spatial analyses that aid in decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Multi-Tenant Flexibility: Our platform’s multi-tenant architecture offers a flexible data model and access rights differentiation. This feature ensures that various stakeholders can seamlessly collaborate while maintaining data security and integrity.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Geometa empowers data-driven decision-making through its advanced capabilities, allowing monitoring and informed choices.
  • End-to-End Construction Management: From inception to completion, Geometa seamlessly oversees the full construction cycle of objects within the system, making it an invaluable tool for project management.
  • Computer Vision-Enabled Data Analysis: Leveraging cutting-edge computer vision technologies, Geometa enables insightful data analysis, taking data utilization to a new level.

The summit provided a platform to discuss pivotal growth areas within the mining and metallurgical industry and to engage with representatives from major metallurgical companies and their technology vendors.

One of the prevalent challenges in the metallurgical industry, akin to the construction industry five years ago, is the deficiency of accessible data. Much crucial data remains on paper or scattered across disparate information systems, hindering effective monitoring and predictive analytics using Big Data technologies.

At Geometa, we are poised to address these challenges effectively. Our platform presents vast opportunities not only in urban planning but also in the field of metallurgy. We’ve already demonstrated our expertise by successfully implementing Geometa for one of the largest mining companies in the CIS.

Our collaboration with this major mining company served to address key objectives within the metallurgical industry:

  • Preliminary Terrain Evaluation: The system provides the ability to conduct an initial terrain assessment, evaluating the feasibility of operational development. This involved analyzing infrastructure elements, such as roads, power lines, and access points, and considering factors like protected areas. The resulting interactive map format promotes stakeholder engagement and aids in strategic decision-making.
  • Asset Infrastructure Management: Geometa provides an efficient solution for overseeing and managing essential asset infrastructure in the industry, including quarries and storage sites. This comprehensive data management, encompassing spatial and semantic information, ensures streamlined operational control.
  • License Portfolio Oversight: Our platform maintains a robust registry of licenses associated with proprietary assets, serving as a crucial repository for operational insights. This oversight includes monitoring license-related activities and adhering to document preparation timelines specified by these licenses, thus enhancing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

Geometa’s participation in the International Metallurgical Summit “Digitalisation” exemplifies our commitment to driving digital transformation in the mining and metallurgical industry. Our advanced technology solutions and commitment to addressing industry challenges make us a trusted partner in this evolving landscape. We look forward to future collaborations and innovations in this vital sector.

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