Geometa at Digital City Management Exchange Meeting in China

Geometa at Digital City Management Exchange Meeting in China

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The recent gathering in Shenzhen, China, for the “2023 Digital City Management Exchange Meeting” became a focal point for global experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs aiming to redefine urban landscapes by fostering the development of ’smart cities’. This event stood as a pivotal platform, enabling a rich exchange of insights and experiences, gathering representatives from over 20 cities spanning more than 10 countries and regions, including Russia, Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, and Malaysia. The conference brought together mayors and representatives from diverse cities worldwide, enabling the sharing of localized experiences and practices in digitalization and sustainable development.

The meeting notably highlighted pioneering solutions that are revolutionizing urban governance. A standout presentation at this event was the Integrated Municipal Geoinformation System in Kazan, a project empowered by Geometa, offering a new approach to city management.

Geometa, a platform designed by our experts, goes beyond streamlining services. It organizes urban data into a structured hierarchy, creating opportunities for transformative urban solutions. In Kazan, this innovative system has brought forth various enhancements:

  • Streamlining services and empowering data-driven decisions.
  • Assisting in recognizing the necessity for facilities like parking lots, sports areas, and kindergartens.
  • Visualizing traffic congestion and safety, linking data with real-time traffic situations.
  • Assessing public spaces’ popularity through social media photos.
  • Analyzing spatial data to gather diverse information, aiding in infrastructure responsibility assignment and optimizing shop locations for profitability.

Geometa in Kazan operates as a robust support system for objective decision-making. It transitions from subjective assessments to measurable indicators, helping identify problems and unveil optimal solutions.

This integration marks a step toward more efficient urban governance. Geometa promotes a shift towards embracing data-driven solutions for smarter and more sustainable urban development. As cities confront complex challenges, Geometa offers a pathway for cities to harness data for enhanced decision-making and better urban solutions.

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