Empowering Communities for Public Space Enhancement

Empowering Communities for Public Space Enhancement

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At Geometa, we believe in the power of transforming public spaces to enhance the quality of life for everyone. Our CEO, Alexey Dudarev, envisioned a platform that would change people’s consciousness and empower them to contribute to the improvement of their surroundings. This vision led to the creation of the public platform, a project close to our hearts that aims to revolutionize the way communities engage in beautification projects.

Alexey Dudarev, CEO of Geometa, shares his perspective:

“My goal is to change people’s consciousness and show the ways in which you can independently improve the quality of the territory around you and your quality of life, create communities aimed at preserving and improving yards, streets, neighbourhoods, cities, and the country as a whole”.

This platform is an extension of the Geometa platform, designed as a comprehensive tool to bring improvement projects to life, from conception to implementation. This portal automates the processes involved in implementing public improvement projects, enabling enterprising citizens and companies to transform neglected spaces into beautiful and sought-after areas.

Objectives of the Platform:

  • Realize Micro-Projects: Enhance the beautification of urban areas through small-scale projects.
  • Inform Communities: Share success stories of micro-improvement projects within urban communities.
  • Access Real-Time Improvement Maps: Provide an up-to-date map of the state of improvement in urban areas.
  • Engage Activists: Involve a maximum number of activists in the continuous improvement of urban areas.

Platform Capabilities:

  • Map: Users can select and identify improvement sites, including details on land ownership — whether municipal or private. This information guides users in choosing the right course of action and provides insights into ongoing projects.
  • Catalogue of Projects: Presents all regional projects, offering comprehensive information on design, estimates, implementation status, and approval stages. This accumulation of best practices facilitates quicker project implementation.
  • Project Card: Initiators can systematically input project details, maintaining a project diary as it progresses. Users can join project teams or offer financial support through crowdfunding tools provided by the platform.
  • Catalogue of Project Participants: Allows users to share information about themselves, connecting potential team members and supporters. Find architects, designers, construction representatives, material suppliers, and patrons willing to provide financial assistance.
  • Instructions: Offers detailed descriptions of coordination algorithms and project implementation requirements. This section also provides guidance on using the platform, information about technologies, and best practices.

Geometa has invested in the implementation of several projects to understand the challenges and intricacies of developing territories into quality environments. The platform emerged from this experience, addressing the bureaucratic hurdles in the current development process. We recognize the lack of quick approval algorithms, quality control measures, efficient acceptance of created objects by municipalities, and the establishment of reasonable work costs.

Through this platform, we strive to overcome these challenges, creating a collaborative space where communities, designers, patrons, and implementers come together to shape the future of our urban areas. Join us in this transformative journey, as we collectively enhance the beauty and functionality of our cities and neighborhoods.

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