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Transforming Urban Management with Geometa's Approach

Transforming Urban Management with Geometa’s Approach

With a rich 16-year history in streamlining process automation across various cities and countries, Geometa unveils its unique methodology. In this article, we elucidate Geometa’s forward-thinking perspective on automating urban management

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Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) is transforming the world of geospatial information, streamlining data collection, management, and sharing processes. In this article, we delve into an exemplary SDI project based on the Geometa platform. Discover how Geometa empowers decision-makers, fosters collaboration, and drives sustainable solutions in the modern digital era.

Monitoring Construction in Progress Projects

Monitoring Construction in Progress Projects

Monitoring and controlling construction activities in fast-growing cities pose significant challenges for city officials. The sheer volume and complexity of projects make compliance, progress tracking, and addressing delays difficult. In response, Geometa introduces its solution for effective monitoring of Construction in Progress projects.

Automating Amendments to Land Use and Development Rules

Automating Amendments to Land Use and Development Rules

Geometa’s automation solution simplifies the process of updating Land Use and Development Rules. This innovative approach empowers municipalities to efficiently revise these regulations, leading to more effective and sustainable development practices.

Urban Analytics. Shared City Photos

Urban Analytics. Shared City Photos

The tool gathers feedback from citizens, painting most compelling picture of their opinion about projects developed by city administrations.

Map using the Population tool

Urban Analytics. Number of Residents

Distributing city benefits and want to do it right? All you need is the number of people living in a particular district and our new tool of the City Analytics module. Continue reading to find out more.

Urban Аnalytics. Road Accidents

Reducing deaths in traffic accidents is an important national goal for any state. We tell you how the Road Accidents tool works and how the mapping service makes our lives safer.

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